Our Stories of Impact

These are the shining stars of our Centre who have been making powerful changes in the field of complementary health. To find out more about who they are and the impact that they have been making through their work, select from their stories from below.

Nutritional psychiatry, mental health
Mental health for Veterans
Precision herbal medicine for Parkinsons
Indigenous Traditional Medicines
UTIs, biofilms, tea
UTIs and herbal teas
Traditional Medicine, Africa, Ebola
Long COVID in CALD populations
Yoga, self-care
Yoga and self care
Community-supported herbalism
Integrative oncology, medicinal cannabis
Medicinal cannabis for brain cancer
Lifestyle Medicine, Shared medical appointments, diabetes
Shared Medical Appointments
Lifestyle Medicine, community advocacy
Student success story
women’s health, reproductive health, endometriosis,
Pregnancy loss and compassionate care
Healthcare policy reforms
Transforming healthcare through education
Student success story
Autism, nutritional psychiatry
Mental health for autistic adults