Nutritional psychiatry, mental health

Dr Jessica Bayes

Jessica, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Southern Cross University (SCU), brings passion and expertise to her work in nutritional psychiatry—exploring the profound impact of diet and lifestyle on mental health. With a PhD in Public Health, Jessica's focus lies in understanding how foods, dietary patterns, and nutrients influence our psychological well-being. 

At SCU, Jessica is dedicated to unravelling the intricate relationship between diet, lifestyle habits, and mental health in military populations and veterans. Previously she has successfully led a randomised control trial exploring the effect of diet therapy in young men with clinical depression and was awarded the “Excellence in Integrative Medicine Research Award 2023” for this work last year, by the International Society for traditional, complementary and integrative medicine research. This work has received much international and domestic media attention, and the findings have been incorporated into clinical practise guidelines here in Australia.  

“The physical and psychological toll of military service often lingers long after the uniform is put away. Many veterans live with chronic pain, mental health challenges, and other health issues.”

“One way that we can honour our veterans, is to support their well-being and commit to providing them with the comprehensive healthcare they need. Continued research and advancements in the field of lifestyle medicine will further support veterans' well-being”

“Integrative lifestyle medicine can play a meaningful role in veterans' lives, offering relief, hope, and healing to those who have given so much.”

Supporting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Military Veterans

Now, with support from the Australasian Military Medicine Association (AMMA), Jessica is embarking on vital preliminary work to explore diet and mental well-being in military veterans. Her goal? To pave the way for innovative interventions that enhance the mental well-being of Australian veterans. 

In focusing on veterans' unique health needs, Jessica's work not only sheds light on the importance of diet and lifestyle in mental health but also lays the foundation for tailored resources and holistic care practices. By uncovering the link between diet, lifestyle, and mental health in veterans, Jessica aims to revolutionise how we support the health and well-being of this population. 

Donate to the Centre to help us continue to support Jessica's mission to improve the lives of Australian military veterans through cutting-edge research in diet and lifestyle medicine. Together, we can make a difference. 

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