Lifestyle Medicine, community advocacy

Teena Quinn

Teena is a Counsellor and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner based in Queensland who embodies resilience, mentorship, and community advocacy. Her path from adversity to empowerment highlights the importance of these values. 

In her roles as a mental health counsellor and psychosocial recovery coach, Teena empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and reclaim their lives. She provides personalised support, guiding clients through challenges to foster resilience and find purpose. Beyond her local impact, Teena dedicates time to global initiatives, such as fundraising for a poultry farm in Kenya through BetterHelp, showcasing her dedication to making a difference worldwide. 

Teena's journey has been marked by unique challenges, including her experience with ticker-tape syndrome, which required her to adapt her communication skills. Overcoming these obstacles fueled her passion for education and advocacy. Despite facing additional challenges such as developing kaleidoscopic vision due to MS, Teena remains steadfast in promoting resilience, mentorship, and community advocacy.

Lifestyle Medicine, community advocacy

“I want to empower people to take hold of their own lives and become healthier. Through counselling I saw a lot of depression and anxiety related to dietary habits. I passionately believe lifestyle medicine has the potential to ignite transformative changes.” 

Becoming a Community Leader through Lifestyle Medicine

Enrolling in the Master of Lifestyle Medicine at Southern Cross University expanded her toolkit for serving her community. Throughout her studies, support from mentors like Dr Janet Schloss and Dr John Stevens enriched her learning experience, shaping her approach to lifestyle medicine. 

Recognised as the winner in the Rising Star category at the 2023 Lifestyle Medicine Awards, Teena's determination, guided by mentors like Dr.Ken O'Brien, has solidified her as a leader in holistic wellness and psychosocial recovery coaching. 

“Being acknowledged through these awards holds immense significance for me. Being blind, it has been tough, and receiving recognition from my peers, friends and family for the efforts I’ve invested feels truly gratifying.”

With a background in both mining and education, Teena brings a wealth of experience to her work, understanding the complexities of human behaviour and the importance of holistic wellness in personal growth. 

Teena's commitment to community advocacy extends to her founding of CQ Counselling Lifestyle Medicine Services, leveraging technology to make holistic wellness accessible to all. Her transition to online services reflects her dedication to reaching individuals wherever they are on their healing journey. She was also provided the opportunity to implement Lifestyle Medicine into the mental health programs at Populi, by its founder, James Waite. James' support and mentorship have been invaluable in shaping Teena's advocacy efforts and amplifying her impact on those in need. 

Teena acknowledges the vital role of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in enabling her pursuit of goals. Supported by her family, she remains resilient in the face of challenges, continuing to inspire through her work and advocacy. 

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